About Our Unique Dating Site

What is behind BetOnlove?

Betonlove.com moves away from the standard and boring dating sites that are based on “matching systems” alone. BetOnLove is a unique dating site that uses powerful psychological principles to connect people through amusement and positive reinforcement. We know that love is not based on personality alone; it is also based on other factors, such as chemistry, compatibility, and shared joy, fun, experiences, and emotions.

Probability and Love

In designing this love-directed dating site, we combined probability and gaming scenarios with positive reinforcement. If you WIN, you can choose to be generous or to just keep WINNING.

Isn’t anything worth doing worth taking a risk for?

Numbers don’t lie: 100 percent of people who’ve taken a shot at love have lived to tell the tale. There are no guarantees with love, but we can promise that you’ll have fun trying. Betonlove.com is a cool online dating site where you can meet singles online. Join for FREE, and gamble for love.


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